Download here the PROGRAM

Twenty lectures will be given (see the program below). The lectures will be recorded and available the day after.

Poster sessions will be continuously open. Exchange of ideas with the presenting author will be possible throughout the conference in the dedicated chat channel at each poster.

During the break (15:00h-15:30h), interaction among the participants will be promoted. We will have the opportunity to participate in a topical discussion (meeting room 1) or to live chat with colleagues in another room (room 2). Participants will be able to join any of the rooms and jump from one to another.

Topical discussions: in this zoom meeting, every day we will have a different topic and discussion leader (see program above). Taking advantage of the exceptional environment provided by QENS/WINS, gathering both, users and instrument scientists, we arise several topics of broad interest for the neutron scattering community. Everybody is invited to participate actively, moderated by the leader.

Live chats: if you just want to meet other participants and live chat with them during the break, this is your choice. To enter this room, you will need the password provided at the end of the last lecture before the break (this password will also be shown next to the access link to the live chat platform). You will have the opportunity to make known the character of your conversation (informal or scientific) joining one of the two rooms offered. There, you can start a conversation with the colleagues you want by reaching out to them. In this way, scientists will self-assemble in live chat groups, which can even be made private. You can jump from one group to another, if you wish (provided it’s not a private chat group). The host may interrupt the chat for giving important messages, as to announce the next lecture and ask to leave the chat room.

The live chat room will be open from (UTC+2) 10:00h to 18:00h, such that you can live communicate there with colleagues also before and after the lectures. There, you will always find somebody of the organization, ready to solve your questions.